Baby development and behaviour

Baby development and behaviour

Baby development and behaviour

What’s your bright spark been up to?

Your baby’s becoming a real little character now! Just think about all the incredible things they’ve learnt since they were born. Use this forum to discover great new ways to encourage their growth and find out how other mums are getting on.

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nwalters 11 years ago
Posts: 18 | Joined: 25th Oct 06
hi everyone any advice on this matter will be greatfully recieved. i have a 20 month old daughter who is loving well bahaved(as much a toddler can be any way)and generally very sociable but she has one BIG problem she is physically nasty to her friends she is all kisses and cuddles playing one minuet and pulling hair or oinching their faces the next not such a big problem with the other toddlers as they usually give as good as they get but she does it to my friends babies aswell and i an getting really embaressed about iit now. she has a naughty chair that she is strapped into which does work but the next time she sees them she does it again i am really pulling my hair out please help!!
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