Baby development and behaviour

Baby development and behaviour

Baby development and behaviour

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Your baby’s becoming a real little character now! Just think about all the incredible things they’ve learnt since they were born. Use this forum to discover great new ways to encourage their growth and find out how other mums are getting on.

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InnocentOdion 11 years ago
Posts: 7 | Joined: 31st Aug 06
Hi there,
My daughter has ankyloglossia, also known as tongue-tie- but not the kind where they end up having a "V"shaped tongue. In fact, it's almost impossible to tell unless you see the underside of her mouth.

Having tongue-tie myself, I know that the one I've passed on down WON'T affect her speech majorly later on in life, but getting something which seems somewhat like a lisp, but doesn't sound like one (hard to describe... more hissy than normal sounds) , but I do think it's making it a lot harder for my partner to breastfeed her.

Anyway, I was thinking-- is there anyone on this forum who has, or who has a child with, tongue-tie?
If so, what do they do about it?
And, do you think we should have our child to get an operation on her tongue later on in life?
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