Baby development and behaviour

Baby development and behaviour

Baby development and behaviour

What’s your bright spark been up to?

Your baby’s becoming a real little character now! Just think about all the incredible things they’ve learnt since they were born. Use this forum to discover great new ways to encourage their growth and find out how other mums are getting on.

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Vicki_Linekar 11 years ago
Posts: 7 | Joined: 18th Aug 06
Hi Everyone,

My eight week old boy is suffering from severe wind. He is burping and being sick up to four hours after a feed. He is a very hungry baby guzzling 6 to 7 ounces every four to five hours. I have tried infacol, Dr Browns bottles and now he is on Colief which seems to be making him worse. I feel so sorry for him, he is waking every 1-2 hours to burp and be sick. My Health Visitor has advised not to change his milk and to stick with Colief for longer. Has anyone got any other solutions?
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