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ADJD140206 11 years ago
Posts: 1 | Joined: 20th Aug 06
Hi, I am new to the site... My name is Cat and I have a 6month old fidget called Alfie!

At the moment Alfie is on Cow & Gate Plus (2).
I started weaning Alfie at 4months because he was a VERY hungry baby. It felt like he wanted a feed every half hour, my house was a mess because I couldn't get anything done! I weaned him on Heinz and cow and gate... I wasnt sure if two different brands of foods would messes his belly up.
Alfie got really whingy, so still after feeding him, changing him, putting him down for a nap I was still not able to clean my house because of him being whingy... So I thought that it was due to a belly ache because of 2 different brands of dinner?

I changed his food to Hipp organic... He has been ok on that, but he has been wanting alot more.
I only give him half a jar, should I give him more now? or is there another fulfilling milk I could give? I dont want to upset his belly...

Any ideas? Would be grateful for suggestions...

Cat and Alfie xx

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