Nutrition and feeding

Nutrition and feeding

Nutrition and feeding

Who’s a happy little eater then?

Making sure your baby gets the right balance of nutrients is something that most mums worry about at some point. From finding new recipe ideas to feeding fussy eaters, you’ll find all sorts of handy tips and advice in this forum. So come and share your experiences.

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Baby Rice at 10 weeks

Fiona1980 11 years ago
Posts: 4 | Joined: 6th Jun 06
Hi- Now I am well aware of the new weaning guidelines, but have a 9 and a half week old baby who is very big (0ver 12lbs) and very hungry she is draining 6oz bottles every 3 hours but is sometimes sick cos she is taking too much but the milk doesn't satisfy her . Now she is on comfort milk so no hungry baby version.

Would it do any harm just to try her on a spoonful of baby rice in the morning. I have friends who have given baby rice so youg and their babies have done well. My self an my sister were given it at 8 weeks and are extremely healthy (and n not over weight!)
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