Nutrition and feeding

Nutrition and feeding

Nutrition and feeding

Who’s a happy little eater then?

Making sure your baby gets the right balance of nutrients is something that most mums worry about at some point. From finding new recipe ideas to feeding fussy eaters, you’ll find all sorts of handy tips and advice in this forum. So come and share your experiences.

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Comfort - prepare in advance?

Papaya 11 years ago
Posts: 1 | Joined: 13th Nov 06
Just switched my 2 week old from sma gold to comfort1 on HV advice due to him farting and grunting for hours then producing solid poo! But I'm finding the advice on the back of the comfort tin a nightmare - I used to make up sma gold feeds 3 in advvance and just heat them up when required but apparently you cant do this with comfort??? so this means I have to have a screaming baby whilst I boil, then cool water. I'm dreading the graveyard shift tonight. Can anyone experienced with comfort 1 help with advice about making feeds in advance?

Also we're using re-usable nappies - anyone got any thoughts re: these nappies and the Comfort1 explosive poo I've heard about?
papaya x
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