Nutrition and feeding

Nutrition and feeding

Nutrition and feeding

Who’s a happy little eater then?

Making sure your baby gets the right balance of nutrients is something that most mums worry about at some point. From finding new recipe ideas to feeding fussy eaters, you’ll find all sorts of handy tips and advice in this forum. So come and share your experiences.

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for emmab1974

GEMARRRGH! 11 years ago
Posts: 149 | Joined: 12th Oct 06
hi,thanx 4 respondin to my post, I 4got to answer yor question bout how I found breast feeding. It was really difficult at first, every 20mins or so like u. However, he started going every 3 hours in the day... then every hour at night! By 3half months, I decided to give him a bottle of formula, just b4 bed, it was heavier and ment he slept much longer, waking me only once. That way, I could carry on breastfeeding during the day. Breast milk seems to look so much thinner than formula, so doesn't keep them going 4 as long. Oscar eats 3 meals a day now tho, so I'm cutting his feeds back... and hopefully the night feed will stop soon... I'll give him till 8months! xxxx
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