Nutrition and feeding

Nutrition and feeding

Nutrition and feeding

Who’s a happy little eater then?

Making sure your baby gets the right balance of nutrients is something that most mums worry about at some point. From finding new recipe ideas to feeding fussy eaters, you’ll find all sorts of handy tips and advice in this forum. So come and share your experiences.

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How much milk

Sanna 11 years ago
Posts: 26 | Joined: 18th Jun 06
Hi! My baby boy is 4weeks old and I'm breastfeeding and bottle feeding. If he is breastfeeding then he will come off the breast once he had enough but I'm not sure about the bottle feeding. Should I limit his intake as per the directions or should I give him more and wait for him to come off the bottle once he had enough? I breastfeed twice in a day and he does not have a problem with either feed. Please can you give me advise on this?
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