Nutrition and feeding

Nutrition and feeding

Nutrition and feeding

Who’s a happy little eater then?

Making sure your baby gets the right balance of nutrients is something that most mums worry about at some point. From finding new recipe ideas to feeding fussy eaters, you’ll find all sorts of handy tips and advice in this forum. So come and share your experiences.

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when is my baby hungry?

Angelah 11 years ago
Posts: 45 | Joined: 30th Aug 06
Hi everyone. This might sound like a stupid question, but I just cant tell. Megan is 9 weeks old and is in no routine whatsoever. Sometimes goes 3 hours between feeds, others 6 or more. Sometimes drinks 6 oz (she is bottle fed), sometimes only 1. And the smaller amounts are often after the longest period between feeds. So I never know when whe is hungry and when to expect her to want a feed. I have tried contented little baby and baby whisperer but she just wont take a bottle if she doesnt want it. The hv says not to worry but I do. She sometimes only puts on 2-3 oz a week and I worry about her development. Anyone else had similar problems? Thanks ever so much.
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