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Sibling Rivalry

Hilary2 11 years ago
Posts: 35 | Joined: 12th Oct 05
I have 2 daughters the oldest is nearly 4 and the other 15 months. Since the baby was born we have tried everything to include the oldest, made time for her on her own and basically try to do everything the books/health visitor suggests. Everything was going well, we had a bit of jealousy but nothing to worry about but since the baby started crawling and is now walking the oldest has started having more tantrums, snatches toys off her sister and can be quite mean to her, yet at times they play really well together and she wants to look after her and calls her sweet heart. She has also reverted back to needing her comfort toy which for a long time now has only been used at bedtime, and left upstairs during the day, but again we are having to take it every where with us. I try and be patient with her but the tantrums and whining and shouting back and refusing to do as she is told are really hard to cope with. No matter what I do nothing seems to help. Does any one have any advice??
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