post-natal relationships

Postnatal relationships

post-natal relationships

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With a new baby in your life, it might feel like there’s little time for anyone else. Partners, grandparents and friends often take a backseat, so why not use this forum to share tips and advice and see how other mums have made it work?

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Another One

Heva 11 years ago
Posts: 116 | Joined: 10th Nov 06
Hi i just thought id post this up.
Well it started about 2 weeks ago and i was due on but nothing happened so i thought "NO give it a couple of days or so i might just be late as my cicles not right quuite yet as its only 4 months since my last baby " the days past, i got worried and then last week i decide to go the asda and buy a pregnancy kit. Took it home and done BOTH test they both said slightly fainted lines positive, and i thought no i carnt be. So the next day i go to superdrug and buy 2 more pregnancy tests one of them being that digital clear blue as i thought if this comes positive now then i definitly am as it would be 4 tests and over a week late. Well what do you know they all came out positive but the lines where very faint so i went my docs on thursday (16/11/06) and put my wee sample in as there is no way of that lying and i got my results today. AND GUESS WHAT

yep you guessed it im PREGNANT not just that but 5 1/2 weeks. Im still in shock as layla is only 4 months old and there is a 5 year gap between her and kira and now id be having another before laylas even 12 months. I dont know if id cope or anything as the age gap is very close andn it was different before as kira had just started full time school which ment i had the day time to catch up on sleep (yeah rite) and to spend time with her. Where with this one layla will be at that age of being into everything and id have a newborn aswell. Iwas just wondering if anyone could tell me how they coped with having a close age gap between there kids possibly similar 2 mine but if not anything will do as im really worried about it !!!!!!!!
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