post-natal relationships

Postnatal relationships

post-natal relationships

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With a new baby in your life, it might feel like there’s little time for anyone else. Partners, grandparents and friends often take a backseat, so why not use this forum to share tips and advice and see how other mums have made it work?

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bad birth experience

feebie 11 years ago
Posts: 1 | Joined: 28th Jan 06
hi, I have just given birth to my third child. My last child was born 9 years ago and I remembered panicking then about opening my bowls during labour. I was totally aware that it feels like this at the pushing stage, but still panicked this time around and screamed for my husband to be removed from the delivery room. He was there all along until the pushing stage when I felt I am going to open my bowls. I am quite confused why my brain not link the two together, because I know that you most likely just feel as if you are pooing but its actually the head coming down. As everybody can imaging , my husband will not forgive me for being chucked out and not seeing his child being born. We have a beautiful daughter but on the verge of a divorce. He is so angry with me and he is convinced I chucked him out on purpose, that I planned it somehow, that I waited until I knew the baby was coming and then had him removed. There is no convincing him otherwise.
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