post-natal relationships

Postnatal relationships

post-natal relationships

No time for friends and family?

With a new baby in your life, it might feel like there’s little time for anyone else. Partners, grandparents and friends often take a backseat, so why not use this forum to share tips and advice and see how other mums have made it work?

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fed up with mens attitude

shellyb 11 years ago
Posts: 51 | Joined: 13th May 06
hi all i am so fed up with my husband today (tears rolling down my face as i type this)sorry to be a pain feel so alone i have an 11 week old boy whos lovely hes been really grumpy the last couple of days think its because hes having trouble getting the wind up got the infacol though so that should do the trick the relief when friday comes i thought great i can have a break he can bath the little one and give him his bottle like he does every friday so my husband goes in the bath comes down picks his phone up and says i am off to the pub for a couple of hours well you can imagine i just went off on one he does this on purpose because he knows it gets me mad hes says he will stay out all night if i carry on he never offers to take me out i havent been out probably for a good night since the week before i found out i was pregnant and my little boys nearly 3 months old my mom has offered to have the little one on many occasions but my husbands not keen and says he is too young to be left yet .i dont really get much adult conversation because of this and feel close to breaking point thats why i think this site is great as you can talk to others who understand how you feel i am stuck in the flat all days as i dont drive and feel isloated but feel i cant talk to him and there is no support sorry for going for so long
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