post-natal relationships

Postnatal relationships

post-natal relationships

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Help !!!! Family driving me mad

busybee 11 years ago
Posts: 2 | Joined: 26th Jan 06
Me and my 9 week old son have had to move back with my parents due to problems with housing which is not a problem, the problem im having is the way my mother over takes everything i say, like for instance when my son cries and i no nothing is wrong i leave him to it -(only for a few mins) but my mother goes in there and picks him up. Now when he cries and i go to him he continues to cry but when she picks him up he stops. Its gettin to the stage where i feel i dont no my son and he does not no who i am. When it comes to changing dirty nappies and night time feeding she dont want to no. Also when i go out with my son she moans at what time im in and such things, i would never purposely stay out late with him. I have spoke to her nicely about it but she does not seem to take the hint. What can i do ?

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