post-natal relationships

Postnatal relationships

post-natal relationships

No time for friends and family?

With a new baby in your life, it might feel like there’s little time for anyone else. Partners, grandparents and friends often take a backseat, so why not use this forum to share tips and advice and see how other mums have made it work?

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in agony

Ema_W 11 years ago
Posts: 87 | Joined: 28th Sep 06
hi. im 34 weeks and 2 days. i am in agony with my ribs on right side. i have not slept 4 the past 3 nights because the pain is really bad. its really tender to touch my ribs an eerytime the baby kicks im nearly in tears because its getting really bad. i just cannot get comfortable, have tried every position. just dont no wat to do?
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