post-natal relationships

Postnatal relationships

post-natal relationships

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interfering mother in law

shellyb 11 years ago
Posts: 51 | Joined: 13th May 06
hi all,me and my husband are looking to have our little boy christened so we told the mother in law then 2 days later she phones up and says me and dad where thinking we have arranged it so we can have her brothers pub free of charge he will shut the whole pub for us we only have to do the food and that its going to be a double christening with his brothers little girl whos one and asked us if we can sort out the church how dare she go behind our back and arrange our little boys day she interferes so much its driving me mad we dont go round much at the momment as i might say something i regret my husband doesnt even get on with his brother because of things that have happened in the past and things hes put the family through going to prison we never see him my husband and him both work for their dad and he doesnt speak to my husband his girlfriend has been in and out of prison and i dont want those kind of people round my child the things me and my husband have heard about them no wonder we dont speak but his parents cant open their eyes and see whats going on under their very noses they always try to run our lives i dont want a double christening for all the reasons above my husband rang his mom last night and told her to stop sticking her nose in and we are doing it our way and it will be our little boys day and no one elses we have waited so long for a child due to 4 miscarriages before having liam and thats why we want it to be special to us now his moms not speaking to us just because she cant get her own way any ideas?
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