post-natal relationships

Postnatal relationships

post-natal relationships

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nanny's girl

mum_to_be___1 11 years ago
Posts: 67 | Joined: 15th Sep 06
hello can anyone help please i have a 2yr 3mth old daughter who for the last few weeks has changed into a nannys girl (my mum) the first thing she says in the morning is go see nanny please mummy and if we don't she will ask and ask and ask untill she cries and goes all histericial, and if we are out with my mum if my mum walks away from her she will scream blue murder untill she comes back but if i walk away i get nothing.I have had to ring my mum late at night before because she has cried and sobbed for so long for nanny.It upsets me a bit sometimes cause i think she would rather be with nanny than mummy but i keep telling myself to stop being silly. Were having another baby in apox 6 weeks so i hope she will enjoy being with mummy more before the baby is born so there's no ringing nanny late at night cause she is keeping the baby up with her crying for nanny.
thank you for reading this and to anyone who replies even if you can't help it would be nice to hear from other people in the same boat. Thank you
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