post-natal relationships

Postnatal relationships

post-natal relationships

No time for friends and family?

With a new baby in your life, it might feel like there’s little time for anyone else. Partners, grandparents and friends often take a backseat, so why not use this forum to share tips and advice and see how other mums have made it work?

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mummy2be06 11 years ago
Posts: 107 | Joined: 16th Aug 06
i dont no if im the only one who feels like this. i love my little boy so so much and same my bf. but you no sometimes- mainly in the night when im tired, and baby starts to cry, i sit there and i just feel like screaming! lol and then i cry cus i dont want to be mad wiv joshua but i fink its probs because im the one who gets up every nite and morning wiv him and its so tiring. does any1 else feel like this sometimes? im also a very emotional person which doesnt quite help!
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