post-natal relationships

Postnatal relationships

post-natal relationships

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This Morning - dads with post natal depression- anyone see it?

emsielou 11 years ago
Posts: 118 | Joined: 19th Apr 06
Did anyone see this morning today? There was a bloke onthere that had post natal depression and it was the topic for their phone in. I had been wondering if blokes can get it and apparently its quite common. Sums my bloke up, although he would never admit having it. I cant decide if he has a touch or if hes just being a bloke! He reckons he doesnt enjoy being a dad, thought he would like it but doesnt and never wants any more children. He says he loves her but doesnt always like her and when asked if he wishes we hadnt had her said sometimes cos shes too much hassle. shes one of the best behaved babies ive known!! he reckons if shed been a bad baby hed have left by now. This has really upset me and now i feel i cant leave her with him. I dont think he would neglect her or hit her or anything but seeing his mates seems more important, he says himself hes too selfish to have to think about her first all the time. Sorry to go on, but can anyone relate to this??
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