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Starting solids at 3 months old???

Jossy_H 11 years ago
Posts: 2 | Joined: 24th Jan 06
I was reading the conversation about the "Big Babies" and starting them on solids earlier than is recommended.

I too have a big baby, in fact, I have a VERY big baby! My son is nearly 12 weeks old and was 11lb 3oz at birth, he is now 17lbs and I think he might benefit from starting solids soon.

He seems to have the common tell tale signs that he is getting ready for solids: sleeping less than he used to in the night due to hunger; watching people eating their food; chomping on his hands lots.

I'd like to try him on solids when he's 3 months old but am nervous I'll be doing it too soon, however, I see some people have started their babies on even solids earier.

Is it usual for bigger babies to need to eat solids earlier than other babies??
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