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Over active foetus/baby?

LouiseJoanne 4 years ago
Posts: 750 | Joined: 28th Dec 08
I've been trying to research info about my baby - I'm 33 weeks gone now.
My baby seems highly active in the womb there!
She moves around almost constantly, and can be quite uncomfortable although I enjoy watching my belly moving and dancing around all the time.
But all I ever find is that babys are supposed to kick, on average, around ten times a day, yet mine kicks around ten times a minute, lol!
My concern is whether or not this activity could point to any health worries or developmental problems for my child?
I'd ask my midwife for advice but hse's never available. Apparently no available rooms for her anymore at my local surgery, so she had to cancel all the appointments. Now I don't get to see her untill middle June.

Anyway, has any other lady experienced an active baby like mine? Did it mean anything about the type of baby you gave birth to? Am I just worrying uneccesssarily?
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