labour and birth

Labour and birth

labour and birth

Wondering what labour will be like?

If you're feeling nervy or excited about giving birth, why not use this Forum to share your feelings with other mums-to-be? You can also ask mums who've been through it before what it was like. They're bound to have some tips and tricks to offer that'll help you feel more prepared.

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after the first 12 weeks is it now less chance of miscarige?

xx_young_mum_2be_xx 11 years ago
Posts: 14 | Joined: 9th Nov 06
hiya im 18 years of age and im 13 plus 4days pregnant and this is my first baby and im just alittle worried of losing my baby as all people mite be but im the worst. even if i have the little pains or twingies i think its somethings bad i no some of the pains are because its ur body streaching but i still cant help thinking. so is it low chances now that im in the 2nd trimister and im over the first 12 weeks? sumone help to put my mind at ease thanks x stacey x
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