labour and birth

Labour and birth

labour and birth

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anesthetic awareness during emergency c-section, has anyone had this?

RUTHY 11 years ago
Posts: 20 | Joined: 12th Nov 06
hello, can anyone help, i had a traumatic experience of anesthetic awareness during an emergency c-section that was carried out after a 36 hour labour,i am emotionally scarred by the whole procedure and feel there isnt anyone that understands what it was like ,
when i asked for my epidural the anethatist said he didnt think there was enough epidural left in the hospital and if they couldnt find any then they would have to mix some up, i wonder if this is why things went so horribly wrong for me,
i was 10cm dialated and pushing looking forward to holding my baby but it all went drastically wrong!
i was told my babys head was in the wrong position, blood samples were taken from her head ,with my poor husband lifting my leg in the air while the midwife did this, to see how long they had ,as my baby had passed mocolium , the birthing room became extremely chaotic with doctors and nurses running about,i started being really sick, i was wheeled to theatre , , , i had failed ventohose and forcepts in theatre ,i was shaking so bad i thought i was going to have a fit and pass out, my baby had to be pushed back inside me whilst i had the emergency c-section, only to be screaming on the table minutes later,my pain releif stopped and i could feel every hand inside me,ripping away, the pain was horrific,i was trying to pull myself off the operating table by holding onto my poor husband, i cant imagine what he was feeling at the time , the pain was horrific, i could only describe it as feeling like i was being murdered , i was given a general anesthetic only after my baby was shown to me, i didnt care what pain i was in i wanted to know she was alive,i could feel her being ripped out of me, they tried pulling out the placenta which was even more agonising when the midwife shouted to knock me out, i was in so much pain after i was given morphine every 20 mins,i dont know how i will ever get over this, every night i go to bed thinking about what happened, my husband has been a rock, and we are waiting for councilling, i know my chances of being pregnant again are so slim due to how i would cope, if anyone has had an anesthetic awareness experience please get in touch i would love to hear from you,i am so thankfull i have a beautifull healthy daughter.
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