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craving really weird things and like sniffing things!

bambina 11 years ago
Posts: 13 | Joined: 29th Aug 06
Ok with my last pregnancy the weirdest thing i craved was ice cubes so pretty boring really, but... this time round i am having really weird cravings and actually really craving the smell of horrible things, WHY? Everytime i am in the bathroom i am geting an overwhelming urge to lick the bar or soap (i havent yet but i have been sooo tempted!) i know that soap tastes like crap but the thought of it is so nice! And as for smelling things well... I went to my friends house 2 days ago who is having a real problem with mildew in the bathroom and it smells really musty and i thoiught it was heaven! i stood in the bathroom for ten minutes just enjoying the smell! The other one is i left towels in the washing machine for 2 days after washing them(i was being lazy) and when i opened the door the wonderfull smell of damp was there again, so i sat with my face in the washing machine for quite a while! What is it?? Trust me i dont usually go around sniffing horrible things! Just wondered if anyone knew why some women crave such weird things? Am i lacking something in my diet or is it just another weird pregnancy thing? Anyway im off to find something else to sniff now! xx
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