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Message for Shell

Miss_Poppy_ 11 years ago
Posts: 76 | Joined: 3rd Nov 06
Sorry if this eventually catches up but I've posted 2 replies already and they've not appeared. Cutting to the chase cos I waffled so much in the other 2, have you considered getting married? Not necessarily the best reasons for doing so but if you are both happy together and know you intend to spend your future together it may be an option. At least you would then be entitled to a married quarter and the associated financial benefits. I'm in the RAF and have spent the last 13 years in married quarters, don't believe all the hype in the news, I've never lived in a crappy house. The services provide plenty of support for families for husbands/wives are away and you would soon build a good network of friends as plenty of others would be in your situation. Don't let your families negativity drag you down. Chat to your man and work out whats best for you. If they can't be happy for you then that's their choice, selfish as it is. You need to try and sort something before your man goes away cos otherwise you are going to make yourself even more unhappy. Keep in touch and look after yourselves.xx
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