Pregnancy health and concerns

Pregnancy health and concerns

pregnancy health concerns

Feeling great one minute, wiped out the next?

It’s natural to feel a bit all over the place during pregnancy. So use this forum to find out how other mums stay happy and healthy and manage to cope with things like morning sickness and heart burn. Got some tips to share? Come and join in!

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Pregnancy sure isn't what I thought it was gonna be....

Newmum2006 11 years ago
Posts: 2 | Joined: 10th Aug 06
Hi everyone. I am new to this board, so please forgive any mistakes.

I am 28 weeks preg today with my first child. This pregnancy is a miracle as I was told after many failed attempts of fertility treatment (I have PCOS, Endometriosis and severe Obesity) that I would never be a pregnant woman.

In my first 5 and half months I threw up every single thing I ate or drank and now I have been diagnosed with SPD (symphasis Pubis Dysfunction). Its agony. I feel I have been kicked between the legs with steel toe cap boots. My legs hurt, as to my back, pelvis and everything else. Getting a good nights sleep is an impossibility.

My emotions are running wild and I was also diagnosed as having depression in my pregnancy.

I feel a total cow towards my husband, he and anyone else I just snarl and shout at. All I do is cry, be in pain and worry about my baby. I honestly didn't know pregnancy could be so painful in so many ways.

I feel a constant guilt because after all these years of being desperate for a child, I am now carrying a miracle, but I have to say I almost borderline hate being pregnant. Even the feeling of my baby kicking and moving is agony because of the SPD.

I don't feel normal, I feel a freak and I feel I daren't share any of this with anyone I know in fear of being judged or letting anyone down.

I'm sorry to have gone on so long, it all just came puring out as I reach for yet another tissue to wipe my tearing eyes.

But, I do Thank you for listening.

Laura xx
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