Pregnancy health and concerns

Pregnancy health and concerns

pregnancy health concerns

Feeling great one minute, wiped out the next?

It’s natural to feel a bit all over the place during pregnancy. So use this forum to find out how other mums stay happy and healthy and manage to cope with things like morning sickness and heart burn. Got some tips to share? Come and join in!

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sickness passes- at last!!

amoran 11 years ago
Posts: 2 | Joined: 19th Oct 06
just wanted to write something which might lift the spirits.
i spent the first 17 weeks of this pregnancy (my first) throwing up at least twice a day (mornings without fail). im now 19 weeks and 3 days and have been feeling great fro at least a week and a half (brushing my teeth is still hard going though).
anyway, for all those people i sympathise with completley- at least for some of you there may be light at the end of the tunnel
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