Pregnancy health and concerns

Pregnancy health and concerns

pregnancy health concerns

Feeling great one minute, wiped out the next?

It’s natural to feel a bit all over the place during pregnancy. So use this forum to find out how other mums stay happy and healthy and manage to cope with things like morning sickness and heart burn. Got some tips to share? Come and join in!

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Sorry ladies I really need a rant!!

DippyLi 11 years ago
Posts: 64 | Joined: 4th Oct 06
I am 16 weeks pregnant with number 4 and I am soooooooo fed up (not depressed just purely fed up) I hate being pregnant and hate feeling like public property. If 1 more person touches my bump they may just get a quick
I hate being told I'm blooming when all I feel like is c**p with my head stuck down the toilet at all hours and the worst skin complexion I've ever had.
This baby is the next Michael Flatley it won't stay still and other half can't feel it yet so he has no idea why I am roaming the house unable to sleep at all hours.
AND (sorry ladies need to get this all off my Jordan sized chest which I wouldn't mind having if they weren't so sore)
If anyone else tells me I'm going to have a huge baby because I have a big bump I'm going to scream. I had a massive bump with 1st child who I was terrified about having by the time I got to the end of pregnancy and she was a perfect little 7lb
I hate people thinking I must be really happy that I'm pregnant and that I'm strange for not liking pregnancy (yes happy having a baby no not happy at being pregnant)

Oh well on plus side
*only 22 weeks to go (got a planned induction)
*I have really quick deliveries so hope this one isn't the exception
*I don't feel contractions so genrally pain free labours
*My 3 girls love me and so does my other half

Anyway I feel a bit better for my little rant!!!

Good luck to all fellow mums to be!!!!

Lianne :0) xx
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