relationships and family life

Relationships and family life

relationships and family life

Feeling a bit more dreary than cheery?

During pregnancy you may be a bit more emotional than normal. This may put stress on your relationships at times during pregnancy, but remember you’re not alone! Here you can discuss your feelings with other mums-to-be like you and find out how they managed to keep smiling.

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Baby & Dream job

Brummie_Mommy_24 11 years ago
Posts: 1 | Joined: 11th Apr 06
I have just been offered my dream job, and i REALLY want to take it, 1 problem is that im 33 weeks pregnant and they want me to do training, which im happy to do, but i will need to take leave straight away, if i dont take the job i dont think ill be offered one anywhere near as good as this, and my husband is finishing work at xmas (he works contracts) we will need the money, but i dont know what to do.

Any advice welcome.. thanks
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