relationships and family life

Relationships and family life

relationships and family life

Feeling a bit more dreary than cheery?

During pregnancy you may be a bit more emotional than normal. This may put stress on your relationships at times during pregnancy, but remember you’re not alone! Here you can discuss your feelings with other mums-to-be like you and find out how they managed to keep smiling.

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How do the men react when you tell them about an unexpected pregnancy?

CBrighton 5 years ago
Posts: 2 | Joined: 24th Jul 08
I'm 17 and have recently found out im pregnant. I've been with my boyfriend for 7months but we love each other so much and even live together. He said the day before i found out that he see's it as his job to take care of me now that i live with him and is such a caring guy, but will he still feel the same way when i let him know about the pregnancy? I'm so scared he'll leave or want me to have an abortion which i really dont want.
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