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Hospital Bag Tried & tested tips

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We asked mums and some of our favourite mummy bloggers who’ve been through it to share their packing stories with us. Read on for some top tips.

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Mums chatting on the sofa

Blogger essentials: Rebecca and friends talk Hospital Bags!

Mrs Meldrum

Blogger: Rebecca from Mrs Meldrum

“Buy some cheap, big, black pants that you can just throw away.”

Clothes for labour

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Mum and dad packing

Share the load & pack together

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Slippers and pants
C&G baby club logo blogger

Blogger: Mrs Meldrum Clothes for labour

"When you’re in hospital, the most important thing is comfort. Go for PJs, joggers, loose things and comfy loungewear. Avoid wearing anything with a tight waistband. Don’t forget some cosy socks and slippers in case it’s chilly on the ward."

"Also, buy some cheap, big, black pants that you can just throw away. They are so much more comfortable than disposables!"



Mum and dad packing together
C&G baby club logo blogger

C&G baby club Careliners

Your packing partner

Whether it’s your partner, your mum or your best friend, packing with someone you love makes the moment even more special. Put some tunes on and remember how close you are to meeting your little one!

If you’re packing with your birthing partner, don’t forget to check out our list for them too.



Bump to baby video

Blogger essentials: What's in Alex's bag?

Bump to baby blogger image

Blogger: Alex from Bump to Baby

Mum and dad packing

Hospital bags around the world

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Did you know...?
During labour you’ll burn the same amount of calories as running a marathon?

Find out how to refuel

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Bag unpacked

Hospital bags around the world!

From Japan and the US to Gambia and Zambia – take a look into the hospital bags of mums around the world.


Find out more from BBC and WaterAid

Snacks image
C&G baby club logo blogger

C&G baby club Facebook mums Find out how to refuel

Mums' top tips for staying energised during labour

We asked mums on our Facebook page for tips on how to keep energy levels up during labour. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Granola bars and homemade flapjacks!
  • Nuts and sugar-free jelly
  • An energy drink!
  • A spoonful of honey

Even if you lose your appetite during labour, try to stay well hydrated and keep food close by for when you fancy it – you will definitely be hungry when it’s all over!



Sparkles video image

Blogger essentials: Packing for a C-section

Sparkles blog image

Blogger: Hayley from Sparkles & Stretchmarks

"I didn't get much time to pack as my baby came early!"

Kirsten, mum to Rosa

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Mum packing

Keep comfortable in labour

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Baby grow image
C&G baby club logo blogger

Buying for baby Kirsten, mum to Rosa

My baby came early!

'I didn’t get much time to pack as my baby came early. The clothes I bought were far too big as he needed premature clothing, so it’s probably a good idea to take a couple of sizes, just in case!'

Bump to baby blogger image

Alex from Bump to Baby

Make sure you've packed everything that you need to keep comfortable. Hospitals can be suprisingly warm places, so take a mini-fan or water spritzer to keep you cool.

'I have packed some cooling spray to help keep me cool. I have a feeling that it may come in handy for labour, especially for a summer birth!' – Alex

Blogger video image

Blogger essentials: Don’t forget a flannel!

Blogger profile

Blogger: Aby from You Baby Me Mummy

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