Count down to that first cuddle Count down to that first cuddle

Count down to that first cuddle

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We're making some exciting changes to our website in the next few months, but sadly, this means our Community pages have now closed. We've redirected you here instead, but if you'd prefer you can join in the discussions on Facebook or contact our friendly Care team for advice and support.

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Every day you’re overdue brings you closer to meeting your treasured little bundle. So sit back and relax. That precious first cuddle is on its way – and the wait will be worth it!

5 ways to bring on labour

Overdue Countdown Panel 1

Want to help things get moving?

Here are 5 popular ways to get labour going naturally.

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4 mums tell their birth stories

Overdue Countdown Panel 2

Find out what labour’s really like from new mums (and a dad). Was it as they expected?

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3 pre-baby treats

Overdue Countdown Panel 3

Simple ways to spoil yourself rotten before your baby arrives – go on, treat yourself!

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2 types of induction explained

Overdue Countdown Panel 4

Understand why and when you might need a pessary or hormone drip to induce labour.

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1 cuddle to treasure forever

Overdue Countdown Panel 5

The countdown’s over for these mums! Each and every one of them agrees the wait was worth it. You will too! Check out some of the cutest first cuddles we’ve seen...

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