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is it safe to be on a diet and trying for baby 2?

hiya, i started a diet on friday (although today has been my proper start day as the rest i have had a few sneaky quality streets!!) just wondering if it is saf...


Are you allowed to drink coke/pepsi when pregnant ? as I know it has caffine in... so can you still drink it but just not alot or not at all ?


hi all, looking for a bit of advice, this may sound like a daft question. but my little one is 6 months old and is gradually being weaned, he currently has 8oz ...

im worried about this pregnacy every thing seems different since i had my son 2 yrs ago

when i was pregnant with my son i never had antenatal at all and i know i was over weight but only by a little bit i put on 3st. This time i was told i was very...

full fat mikl and vitamins?

hi guys my lo has just turned 1 and we have moved him on to full fat cows milk, he has a very varied diet which i make most of myself so he has plenty healthy s...

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