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my baby 11 months is not interested in playing with toys.

she likes to crawl and only crawl

Crawling when?

hi my lo is 9 months old now and still not crawling forwards he goes backwards, has anyone got any ideas when he will be crawling forwards?x


My daughter is 7months old & i've noticed the past few days people have been saying "how old is she?" "awww is she crawling yet?" well i wasn't worried unti...

My Baby Is Learning To Quick 6 Months And A Moo Bag

Hey My Daughter Is 6 Motnhs Coming On 7 And She Crawls And Pulls her Self Up And Learning To Walk Is It Too Qucik I Cant Stop Her Tho x


My daughter shannon is 10 months old now she can sit on her own and lean right over to grab her toys but she cant get on her knees and isnt crawling yet. What a...

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