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Morning feed tailing off

My daughter is 4 months old and has been solely formula fed on Aptamil for 2 weeks. She has 5 feeds a day of 7 ounces (she weighs 6.6kg) bed feed at 6.30pm and ...

Feeding 8 week old REFLUX???

My Baby is only 8 weeks old and keeps being sick with nearly every feed...if i feed her 4 hourly feed she will finish the bottle then after bring it all back up...

help with feeding!

hi, i have a 5 day old little girl, when she was born her sugar levels where low because i got gestional diabetes so she was tube feed for about a day and then ...

Y baby doesnt feed like others - is something wrong?

Ive read lots of posts about babies feeding constantly and for 20 mins+. My 6 week old doesnt and never has fed like this, nor has she had a growth spurt. She...

Is it ok to ff in day and bf at night

Is it ok for baby's tummy to formula feed in day and breast feed at late night feeds Don't want to stop completely

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