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money matters

does any one know if mums are entltled to _190 to help buy fruit and veg and if so how do we go about it thanks

Very important information that all should read please

I am thirty years old and for the last eleven years have seen alot and thought now that am a parent that I should share my experience and before I go any furthe...

Can't stop eating Junk Food

Hi I'm 16 Weeks pregnant, and I started off eating really healthy and actually couldn't face chocolate and other sweet food, but over the last few weeks, I just...

weight gain.

at 15 weeks.weigt gain ,any advise.?how to stay healthy.and fit?

Baby movements??

I'm just looking for a bit of reassurance, i'm 19+2 weeks but i'm not sure i've felt the baby move yet. I know what it can feel like and i doubt that i've felt...

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