About C&G baby club

C&G baby club has been created by Cow & Gate to offer mums-to-be and mums advice and support from the early stages pregnancy right through to toddlerhood.

At C&G baby club, we’re passionate about helping you make the most of your journey with your amazing little person. So as well as all the great information on this site, you can also:

  • sign up to our club and receive postal packs and/or emails tailored to your stage
  • share your stories and find advice from other mums
  • get 1-to-1 support from our 24-hour Careline
Please note that the C&G baby club Careline service is only for UK residents. Unfortunately, we can’t offer recommendations for infant and childcare outside of the UK. In this instance, please speak to your local healthcare professional if you have any questions about your baby.

Our website

C&G baby club cannot take responsibility for content created by other people. Any content from external sites posted by us or other people contains the views of those external sites and not of C&G baby club. This website does not include information on Cow & Gate products. If you’re looking for details about our range of milks or foods, please visit www.cowandgate.co.uk instead.

We support all mums

C&G baby club agree that breastfeeding gives your baby the best start in life, however, we understand that not all mums choose or are able to breastfeed. We provide information and advice on breastfeeding and formula/bottle feeding to support all mums in our club.

C&G baby club is part of Danone group – see www.danone.com for more details.

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