Our commitment to looking after the planet

At Cow & Gate, we’re committed to making our Follow-on and Toddler milks in a way that reduces our impact on the planet, not just now, but in the future too.

From the cows that go moo and the farmers that milk them, to the ingredients we select and the energy used to prepare them, take a look at how we’re reducing our impact on the environment whilst feeding your baby.


Reducing our carbon footprint, one baby step at a time

Reducing our carbon footprint, one baby step at a time

When it comes to how we make our Follow-on and Toddler milks, we’re working hard to reduce our carbon emissions at every single step.

From the ingredients leaving the farm to the formula milk reaching the shelves, it’s our aim to make our total production net zero by 2050. 

Our production site in Wexford, Ireland

We take pride in the work that we undertake to minimise our impact on the environment. We work hard to reduce carbon emissions every year and offset emissions with Gold Standard carbon credits that support agricultural and rural communities through the Livelihoods Fund.

Other initiatives include:

  • Switching to 100% renewable electricity
  • Achieving zero waste to landfill
  • Installing a biomass boiler (using sustainable wood cuttings to create heat rather than coal, gas or oil)
  • Using energy as efficiently as we can (independently certified by a standard ISO 50001)

We will continue to reduce our carbon emissions at our Wexford site and look for more ways to produce our Follow-on and Toddler milks sustainably for your little one and the planet. 

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No palm oil. We’re listening to what matters to you.

At Cow & Gate, the things that matter to you as parents matter to us too.

Throughout 2021 and early 2022, we’ve removed palm oil from the blend of oils that we use from our Cow & Gate Standard Range powder and liquid formulations.

If you’ve got any questions, we’re here to help.

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100% recyclable packaging by 2025

At Cow & Gate, we’re exploring new ideas and innovative ways to improve the sustainability of our packaging, without compromising on the quality, convenience, and most of all safety of our milks, for your baby.

Our ready to feed milk bottles are already recyclable from home, and we’re working hard to make sure that all of our packaging is 100% recyclable by 2025.


Working with farmers and their families

When it comes to raising your baby, it’s all about letting them do things naturally and in their own good time. The farmers we work with feel exactly the same way about their cows and the milk they produce.

Just as we’ve supported generations of babies and families, we source our milk ingredients from dairy farm cooperatives with a heritage of supporting the next generation of farmers.

From empowering farmers to ensuring animal welfare, we’re promoting regenerative agriculture. That’s why we’re committed to working collaboratively, and:

  • Supporting farmers who make efforts to improve milk quality and sustainability
  • Involving the farmers we work with in the decisions we make
  • Collaborating with on-farm projects to support farmers with carbon reductions
  • Working with farms that really take care of their animals and produce the ingredients for our baby milks in harmony with nature
  • Researching ways to protect the planet and conserve natural resources such as energy and water

Our highest quality standards

At Cow & Gate we test our range to high standards so you can be assured when you choose our baby and toddler milks or foods.

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