C&G Babyclub Careline UK

C&G Babyclub Careline UK

From your friends and family to the seemingly endless amount of information on the internet, there are so many differing opinions on parenthood. It can be hard to find the right support for you and your baby.

There’s no question too silly or small for the C&G Babyclub Careline

At the C&G Babyclub Careline, we’re here to provide free friendly advice, support and reassurance whenever you need, whatever your stage. 

Our team of pregnancy and baby care experts- from midwives to nutritionists- are ready to help you 7 days a week.

Available on the phone, messenger or whatsapp, 7 days a week.

They have heard it all, so no question is too small or silly - from baby movements to sleeping tips, morning sickness to baby poo

Plus, most of our teams are parents too, so they have lots of experience to share. They really care about helping parents following their instincts, and enjoying parenthood to the max. 

Whether you're soon to be parents, first time parents, or you’ve been on this journey before, you’ll find the support and reassurance you need with us. That why nearly 6000 parents contacted our C&G Careline last year!

Need free advice with a smile? Get in touch with our dedicated Care team.

Ask us a question (8am - 8pm Monday to Friday, 10am - 4pm Weekends)



Contact us on Facebook (10am - 10pm, 7 days a week)

Call us

Call us on 0800 977 8880 (8am - 8pm Monday to Friday)


Get answers to your most frequently asked questions

How has the C&G Babyclub Careline helped others?

“Everyone is always so lovely and helpful, reassuring and genuine! Nancy was very helpful tonight and put my mind at ease! Thank you as always!”

- Maria, Milton Keynes 

“Thank you so much Kelly, you have provided me with the information I really needed and I am so grateful. I’ve been looking for ages, I am so happy and a bit more relaxed.” 

- Laura, Liverpool

“Emma was super helpful with all my questions. I’m a first time mother and the world of babies is rather confusing but Emma was so helpful, she was a credit to the team.”

- Samantha, Leicester

Our experienced Careline UK team of mums & nutritionists

When it comes to parenthood, it’s only natural to want to get things right. Here at the C&G Babyclub Careline, we’ve built a support network you can trust based on years of hands-on experience, and it’s here for you whenever you need it.

The C&G Babyclub Careline here in the United Kingdom is a community of baby advisers and nutritionists. Not only that, they’re parents too. They’ve seen and heard it all. They can share real experiences to encourage you at every step as you parent your baby in a way that works for you.

No judgement, just the love and encouragement you need to know that you’ve got this.

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Get in touch with the Cow & Gate careline team UK via telephone, online chat, or email

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Join the club

Ready to stop worrying about what other people think and do what feels right to you? We’ll give you the support you need to follow your instincts and enjoy parenthood to the max:

Helpful emails

Non-judgemental support

Free weaning plan*

Tips from real parents

*Weaning is recommended at around 6 months. Please speak with a healthcare professional before introducing solid foods.