Bringing back milk after a feed

Bringing back milk after a feed

My baby keeps bringing up milk

Many babies can bring back or 'posset' a small amount of milk, quite often with wind during or just after a feed - it’s a common symptom and thought to be due to the developing digestive system. Every baby is different; some bring up more milk than others. It’s quite normal and usually it’s not enough to affect their nutritional intake. If they bring up a large amount, they may want to feed more often.


A small amount of liquid looks like a lot when it spills (drip 2 or 3 teaspoons of milk onto the kitchen table and see how it looks) but there's really no need to worry if your baby is growing well and thriving.

How long will my baby do this for?

Babies who bring back their milk tend to continue until about 6 months of age. At this point they will probably start to grow out of it and will start to be weaned so they’ll be eating more solid food.


But for the first six months, do keep lots of bibs and cloths handy to protect both of you!

How can I help my baby bring back less milk after a feed?

It is possible to reduce the amount of posseting by:

  • Being extra gentle when handling and winding your baby.
  • Keeping your baby upright for around 20 minutes or more after feeding.
  • Trying to avoid changing their nappy if they have a full stomach.
  • Giving smaller feeds more frequently.
  • If you’re formula feeding, speak to a health visitor, GP or pharmacist about suitable specialist formulas for the dietary management of reflux and regurgitation

However if your baby is bringing up a lot of milk or you are concerned about the amount of possetting then don’t hesitate to talk to your health visitor or doctor.

Baby brings back milk after a feed

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