What your baby’s doing at 0 - 3 months

0 - 3 months: what your baby's doing


There’s a lot more happening than just feeding and sleeping. Discover the new skills they're quietly learning.


Your newborn baby has spent months snuggled up inside the relative peace and quiet of your womb. So it’s no surprise that most of their first week is spent getting used to the amazing new wide world around them! They’re born with natural reflex actions which they’ll rely on until their eyesight improves and muscles strengthen. At this young age, they’ll tightly grasp anything you place in their hand, instinctively turn towards anything that brushes their cheek, and suck on any soft object placed in their mouth.

By 1 month they’ll probably be able to lift their head briefly when lying on their tummy. Their hands will remain clenched in a tight fist and fingers will automatically curl around anything put into their palm. This grasp reflex is one of the many natural reflexes your baby is born with.

By 2 months your baby is comforted by your embrace and may well cry when picked up by someone unfamiliar. They’ll move their arms when they’re stimulated or excited, and can comfort themselves by sucking their fingers or thumb. As their instinctive grasp reflex lessens, your baby will become fascinated with their newly discovered hands, and will use them (as well as their mouth) to explore new and different objects.

At 3 months they can hold their head up in line with their body and are starting to use their arms for support. They’ll continue to be fascinated with their hands and will start to stretch and reach for objects – although they won’t quite be able to grasp them yet! 

Did you know?

When your baby smiles, it might just be a real one! You can tell it's a social smile if they use their entire face to show you they’re pleased and it lights up their eyes. Babies will smile only when they're ready, but you can try and encourage them by cuddling, tickling, and playing with them! 

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