What your baby’s saying at 7 - 9 months

7 - 9 months: what your baby’s saying

Your baby is learning to copy your sounds! Learn why baby talk can help and listen out for that first little laugh.

Your baby’s beginning to turn into a real little personality! At 7 - 9 months old they’ll start to recognise their own name and turn around when you say it and, although they’re not yet talking, their random babbling will begin to sound more like words as they repeat the sounds they’ve mastered.

Now when your baby says ‘mama' or 'dada' they’re referring to two very special people in their life, although they'll still get you muddled up. They won't be shy about offering their opinion, whether by babbling, laughing, squealing or screaming. And they’ve started to understand the meaning of the word 'no' - although they won’t always obey it!

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