Labour & birth

Preparing for the big day

For the last few months you’ve been building up to meeting your precious new baby – it’s a truly amazing and important moment! It’s natural to feel a little apprehensive about the birth, so to help you feel more prepared we have useful information on things like packing your hospital bag, what to expect when you get to hospital and your pain relief options. Your midwife is there at this stage to offer lots of support and information, but if you’re unsure about anything, just give us a call!

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mum and baby
mum and baby
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Your baby's development

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Babies look so tiny, but it’s surprising how quickly they grow! The nutrition they take in is vital to their overall physical and mental growth so it’s important that they are a healthy weight. Although each baby is different and their...

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Labour and birth

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There’s lots of advice you hear about different methods to help bring on labour. Having sex and taking exercise can all help stimulate your body either physically or hormonally into the start of labour. But these methods of inducing labour...

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Our advice for getting through labour is to focus on staying as relaxed as possible. Prepare your mind and body with antenatal classes and don’t be afraid to do whatever you feel will help - if you have the urge to groan or move around go with...

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Recognising the signs of labour and knowing what’s involved with labour and birth means you can help your partner make informed decisions about how she wants to deliver your baby and, if you’re planning on being there at the birth, it... Read more

Preparing and planning for the birth
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Your body takes 9 months to grow your baby and prepare for birth and then suddenly it’s time to get back to normal! There are plenty of physical and emotional changes to come as you adjust to just being you again. This should give you some... Read more

Your body after birth
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When it comes to involving your partner in the birth, it’s worth having a good chat to find out if there’s anything he’s worried about. Many dads-to-be think they’ll be in the way, so reassure him that when it comes to the... Read more

Tips for involving your partner at the birth

Practical info and advice

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Choosing a baby name is an exciting but very personal decision that can take a lot of careful thought. Knowing your baby will live with the name you choose means there’ll probably be lots of discussion! Don’t get stressed if you...

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I contacted the Careline as I was frightened of the prospect of labour, and unsure which pain relief to use. Who knows better than a lady who has been through it all! It was fantastic support and I received one-to-one advice.
Laura, mum-to-be

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