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We source and farm responsibly


Our farmers try to follow the same guiding principles for growing veggies as you do for raising your baby – letting them grow at their own pace, with love and care in the conditions they’ll thrive in.

Of course, growing food for little ones requires extra care and attention. Here’s how we go the extra mile:

  • We work with farmers and suppliers we know and trust. In fact, it can take up to two years of thorough scrutiny before we agree to work with a new farm or supplier.
  • We use carefully selected ingredients. That’s why our fruit and veggies are grown to very high standards on carefully selected fields.
  • We believe in letting nature do the hard work. That’s why we’re trialling natural pest control, letting beneficial insects protect our crops rather than relying on pesky pesticides.

It’s important to us that our ingredients are grown with respect to their natural, seasonal growing cycle, in open fields or the environment that suits them best.

  • Every scrummy spud, tasty tomato and crunchy carrot can be traced back to where it was grown.
  • We’re passionate about protecting our precious natural resources. So the wheat we use is grown on fields irrigated by natural rainwater wherever possible.

Future-facing farming

  • We’ve made a commitment to help our farmers protect the land and delicate ecosystems for generations to come.
  • We're trialling new ways to improve biodiversity.
  • We’re also committed to conducting more research into ways to protect soil quality and conserve precious natural resources.

But that’s just the start

There’s always more we can do, so we’re working hard to source our ingredients in a more sustainable way.

That means working with farmers and suppliers who’ll commit to embracing more sustainable farming practices in the future, keeping our farmland rich and fertile for generations to come, by:

  • Enhancing biodiversity
  • Protecting the soil
  • Conserving energy and water resources
  • Fishing in a way that protects the natural balance of species in the oceans