Bottle-feeding in hospital

Bottle-feeding in hospital

Some maternity units don’t have baby milk available. So if you’re planning to bottle-feed your baby, check with your hospital whether you need to bring your own baby milk and feeding equipment in your hospital bag. If they do provide milk, check that it’s the same type as you are planning to use at home. You may want to bring your own if they don’t so that your baby gets used to your preferred brand of milk.

Learning to prepare a feed

Some hospitals will teach you how to make up a bottle for your baby so you’ll be prepared when you go home. Don’t be shy - make sure you ask questions as it’s especially important that you understand how to sterilise bottles and prepare feeds.

Using the right teat

There are many different kinds of teats available, some are made of latex whilst others are made of silicon, which is more durable but less flexible. You also have a choice in terms of the shape of the teat and speed at which it will allow milk to flow through.

There’s no hard and fast rule as to which you should choose, it’s a case of finding the one your baby is most comfortable with. Though in terms of flow, you may need a slow flow teat to start with.

If you bottle-feed your baby in hospital, the hospital may provide you with disposable teats for use whilst you’re there. Make sure you ask what type of teat it is so you can try and find something as similar as possible for when you get home. Speak with the midwives or infant feeding advisors at the hospital to help you decide which teat is best for your baby.

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