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Is the new Cow & Gate formula milk safe?

Please be assured that the quality and safety of our products are our number one priority.

We are updating part of our Cow & Gate range as the legislation that sets requirements for the nutritional composition for infant, follow on formulas and specialist milks is changing.

The key purpose of infant formula regulation is to ensure all infant formula has the appropriate nutritional composition and are safe for use. 

These regulation changes are based on latest scientific evidence and opinion on what is best for infant nutrition.

Changes according to regulation include increase in DHA levels. The Omega-3 LCPs including DHA, recommended by the European Food Safety Authority for use in infant formulations, are safe.

The new legislation means that it is now mandatory in all Infant and Follow On milks.

All of our updated formulations comply with EU regulation which ensures formulations are suitable and safe for babies. 

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