Instant Carobel

Instant Carobel

From birth, thickening agent, 135g pack

Cow & Gate Instant Carobel is a gelling or thickening agent that can be used for both breastfed and bottlefed infants. It's a food for special medical purposes for the dietary management of habitual and recurrent vomiting and rumination. We do not recommend using Cow & Gate Instant Carobel with preterm or low birthweight infants as there  is no clinical data available to support its use with these infants. Only to be used under medical supervision.

Instant Carobel is halal certified.
What other Cow & Gate products are halal approved?

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This product is available via prescription only, please speak to your Health Care professional.

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Important notice

Breastfeeding is best for babies. Instant Carobel is a food for special medical purposes for the dietary management of habitual and recurrent vomiting, and rumination. It should only be used under medical supervision, after full consideration of the feeding options available including breastfeeding. Suitable for full term infants, children and adults. It is not suitable for use as the sole source of nutrition. For enteral use only.

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