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Cow & Gate liquid formula products availability

Last updated: July 16th 2021


We recently experienced low availability on our ready to feed liquid formula products. We are very sorry for this and fully appreciate that this has been unsettling and frustrating for parents.

Availability has now greatly improved across our ranges, and while this may vary by store and location, we’re continually sending out supplies to retailers.

We always want to do everything we can to support parents, and we’ll continue to update this dedicated page with the latest information.

For further information or support, please contact our careline using the details below. 

What products have been affected?

  • Cow & Gate 1 First Infant Milk liquids
  • Cow & Gate 2 Follow on Milk liquids

What alternative products could I use?

Our powder milk products can be substituted for your usual liquid milk.  Please see the list below to help you easily see which powder product can be used instead of your usual liquid milk.  We have good availability of our powder milks in all major retailers or you can purchase products directly from our website shop.

All infant formula powder milks are nutritionally complete and suitable as a sole source of nutrition from birth and as part of a varied weaning diet from 6 months to 1 year and it’s perfectly fine to move from one format to another.  

We’ve provided a detailed step-by-step guide to mixing powder milks here. We recommend reading this even if you are familiar with or have used powder milks before and always follow the on-pack instructions. 

Liquid Milk Product Alternative Powder Milk Product  
Cow & Gate 1 First Infant Milk liquids Cow & Gate 1 First Infant Milk Powders  
Cow & Gate 2 Follow on Milk liquids  Cow & Gate 2 Follow on Milk Powders  

If you’re concerned about changing your little one’s milk, we recommend you speak to a Healthcare professional for advice.

How do I transition to powdered milks from liquid milks?

It is completely safe for you to change your little one’s milk to powder immediately.  

However, every baby is different and some babies may experience settling issues when changing milks due to the slightly different taste texture and minor differences in composition. This is normal and any symptoms should be minimal and temporary. 

If possible, to minimise any settling issues, parents might prefer to do a gradual transition over a few days, to allow your little one time to adjust.  It may be a good idea to introduce the new feed when your little one is not too tired or irritable, but it is worth exploring to see what works for you. 

If you have any concerns about your baby please discuss this with your healthcare professional.  For information on using our products, please contact our careline using the details below.