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Love Don't Judge Stories

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Discover the stories of other families doing things their way!

Whether you’re a first time parent, or adding to your growing family, at C&G baby club you’ll find a community committed to support, not judgement. 

Here you can explore our top tips for following your instincts and the journeys of other parents who are finding their way as they #LoveDontJudge.  

School pickup hiccup!

A guide to LGBTQ inclusive language in the playground by Michael Johnson-Ellis, the co-founder of TwoDadsUK®.

"Be mindful (and respectful) that not everyone's family is the same".

jake graf

Our most read stories

public meltdowns

Anxiety about public meltdowns

Take a look at how other families are managing those very public meltdowns.

parental leave

Feeling judged on my family size

Whatever the size of your family, you shouldn't feel judged. Here’s what we’re saying about family size.

Parental leave

Parental leave: feeling guilty and lonely

Take a look at our view on gender roles and hear from the families who are doing things their way.

baby development

Thinking of using a dummy?

 Here you’ll find everything you need to know about giving your baby a dummy.

store bought

Store bought vs homemade baby food

 Whether it’s store bought or homemade, hear what families are saying about weaning their babies.

baby development

Baby development: crawling & walking

From crawling and walking, to chatterbox talking, learn about your baby’s development.

two dads

Baby options for LGBTQ parents

                Discover how Michael and Wes built their family through surrogacy.


Being an older parent

Take a look at the experience of being an older parent and get your questions answered.


Being a younger parent

Worried about being a young parent? Discover the benefits and challenges here.

Follow your instincts, join the community

Parenting is a magical experience. Nobody has the right to taint your adventure with unwelcome opinions or unwarranted judgement. As a community member, you’ll get all of the support you need to raise your baby, your way. Register now and get ready to Love Don’t Judge, together.

love don't judge

Looking for support, not judgement?

We'll give you the reassurance you need to parent your way.

The #LoveDon'tJudge Community - be a part of it. 

Explore how the media and other families just like you are supporting the Love Don’t Judge community. 

We’re all about encouraging you to follow your instincts and do what comes naturally.

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a coupe and their son

“We’re calling time on anything that makes you question your abilities as a parent. #LoveDontJudge. No matter what that looks like, we’re here for you!”

a coupe and their son

"I felt judged on not knowing enough about my body during pregnancy, and I was expected to have had that knowledge already."

a coupe and their son

“I used this as an opportunity to have a conversation with my Mum about if she ever felt judged.”

a coupe and their son

"Love Don’t Judge is our response to parental judgement in all its forms. As 4 out of 5 parents state that they’ve felt judged on their parenting skills*, we believe it’s time that parents came together to challenge the judgement."


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