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      I’m so nervous about the birth

      How to build your confidence up for labour

      Right now you probably have a million and one questions about the stages of labour and what happens during childbirth. And often, it’s this not knowing that causes so much stress and worry. But you probably know more than you think.

      Go through your birth plan again, and make sure your hospital bag is fully packed. Nothing gives you more confidence than being prepared so you may find our section on the three stages of labour useful too.

      Talk it through

      Most importantly, don’t bottle it up! Talk to your partner or midwife about your concerns or why not chat to other mums-to-be on our Facebook page. You could also speak to any of your friends who have already had children, they probably had the same questions and worries as you before they gave birth.

      Antenatal classes

      An antenatal class is also a great place to talk about your fears and find out more information. These classes help you understand labour which can answer some of the questions you may have. They also offer practical information for when you take your baby home.

      The other parents-to-be at the class will be going through the same thing you are, so it’s an ideal opportunity to make friends and chat through your worries too.

      And don’t forget the end result!

      Whilst everyone knows labour is painful, it happens for a relatively short time and at the end of all your hard work you’ll have a wonderful baby! It can help spur you on if you keep thinking about your new family and the happy times you’ll share - watch our real mums' chat through their own birth stories if you're in any doubt.

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